How to use Final Cut Pro for FREE forever

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If you’re a mac user and are interested in video editing, you must have thought of using Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is one of the best apps for video editing. It is not only very featureful but is also super fast with its integration with the Apple Eco-system.

It has a clean layout, easy-to-navigate buttons, and a lot of inbuilt transitions and effects. But like many Apple products, it’s expensive. Well, there’s a solution to that.

So Can You Install and Use Final Cut Pro for FREE?

Yes, you can use Final Cut Pro for Free. You can use it for free by using the trial version and setting it up so that the trial never expires. This article has a tutorial for how to do so.

Here’s how:

How to Install Final Cut Pro for FREE

Step 1: Go to the Final Cut Pro Trial page.

Step 2: Click on “Download now” and a dmg file will be downloaded on your computer.

Step 3: Install the dmg application and you’ll have a Final Cut Pro trial of 90 days.

This anyone can do and might not have been very helpful, but here’s how to use it for FREE FOREVER.

How to use Final Cut Pro for FREE

Step 1: Go to finder (desktop) on your mac and then click on ‘Go‘ on the left top corner

How to use final cut pro for free step 1

Step 2: Click on library (press and hold command+option if you don’t see ‘library’).

How to use final cut pro for free step 2

Step 3: Click on 'Application support‘.

Step 4: Open the terminal and enter the below-given command.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true
killall Finder
How to use final cut pro for free step 3

Step 5: Delete ‘.ffuserdata

This won’t affect anything important. The file .ffuserdata which you delete is used by Apple to keep track of how many days it’s been for the trial. You can delete it once every 3 months or so. That way your trial period will be reset to 90 days.





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  1. Above trick doesn’t work now. Can’t find .ffuserdata file. Could you please suggest me any other alternative trick?


  2. It worked! My situation was that Final Cut Pro was already expired and I tried to delete the app and install it again, but it appeared the same message that I have to buy it. I followed your steps and now finally is working. Thank you so much!


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