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Suraj Chaudhary


Suraj Chaudhary is a writer, developer, founder, and a constant learner. He shares lessons and resource to living a fuller life every week. Join his weekly newsletter →


Alok Gupta


Alok Gupta is a desktop, android, and web developer based in Nepal. He has worked on building several websites, apps, and softwares for clients and independent projects. He is experienced in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Message from the Founder

Suraj Chaudhary

Hi! I’m Suraj Chaudhary, the founder of High Approach.

Thank you for checking out this blog!

I’m a writer, blogger, content creator, web developer, SEO expert, and entrepreneur.

I’m also a Top Web Design Voice on LinkedIn.

I share actionable tips for optimizing your life and work every week.

I also host a podcast. But most people know me for my YouTube videos, newsletter, and articles on productivity and building a deeper life.

I started this website in 2020 as an effort to share all the knowledge I’ve accumulated through years of research and learning.

On this blog, I share helpful and in-depth articles about self-growth, entrepreneurship, study tips, study resources, and technology.

If you have been all over the internet scouring for helpful guides and articles to help you learn things or solve a particular problem, you are in the right place.

My blog reaches 70,000+ page views every month, and I thrive to create helpful content to help my readers, such as yourself, by creating articles that are well-researched, practical, and that actually work.

I have a good reader base now and I make a decent earning from my blog and other side hustles.

However, it was a long road to get where I am today.

By now, I have started several side hustles and online projects, but perfectionism and self-doubt made me quit every time.

Here’s how it went:

I have an idea for something, and then I meticulously plan every minor detail behind my laptop. I spend countless hours on logo creation, web design, branding, social media profiles, and learning about the business.

But then when I would finally launch the project, I wouldn’t keep at it.

It would always seem too time-consuming, too boring, and too hard to even begin to work to keep the project or hustle afloat.

In the very beginning, during high school, I started freelancing.

I knew how to build websites and edit photos using Photoshop and Lightroom. I thought I could build websites and edit photos for clients and make some good side income alongside studying.

But boy was it hard.

After creating a profile on Freelancer and UpWork, I spent countless hours sending proposals to possible clients on the platform. But even after a week of sending proposals to more than a dozen of clients, I only got one client. That too, at a very low rate.

UpWork history

After that, I kept trying for another week. I got another contract. I was motivated.

But as I kept working on that client’s project, he kept asking for revisions.

He had no idea of what he wanted.

The effort it took to get a new client and the reward associated with it was just not worth it.

That discouraged me immensely. Hence, I dropped freelancing.

After that, I became a YouTuber.

I had a good knowledge of a lot of things regarding technology and software.

So, I thought I would make YouTube videos and sooner or later, I would grow and start making a sustainable income from YouTube, but that too didn’t last for long.

First of all, I didn’t have any money to invest in my filmmaking kit (an excuse, I am aware).

But even when I went past that and decided to use my laptop’s front camera to make videos, I didn’t continue working on it.

The problem was that I kept getting copyright claims and community guideline strikes on videos that I had spent days on.

And when you spend so much time on something, you put it out there, and then it is just taken down, it discourages you a lot. So it did to me.

Hence, I stopped putting videos on YouTube.

Similarly, I tried a few other things but didn’t keep at it.

But then I realized, I wasn’t doing what I was passionate about.

I didn’t like building websites for others or editing photos or videos for others. What I was really passionate about was helping people, and sharing my knowledge.

That is where HighApproach.com started.

Through all my attempts at building a sustainable side hustle, I learned a lot of things. Things that would take people ages to learn, and to find the right resources to learn from.

So that became my goal.

I started High Approach to create my own comprehensive guides to do things, find answers, and solve problems that people face in day-to-day life.

Since I was passionate about education, entrepreneurship, making money, and technology, those are the topics I cover in this blog.

My mission, now, is to keep growing, keep learning, and continue making a difference in the world around me. If you’re interested in connecting or learning more about my work, please feel free to email me.

If you have any questions or confusion, feel free to reach out to me on any social media platforms including InstagramLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.