Class 11 English Guide New Syllabus (All Chapters)

By Suraj Chaudhary

Today, it may seem easy to find English Notes for Class 11 or the Class 11 English Guide, but finding GOOD notes for the new syllabus of English is hard. We made this page to give you access to English guide class 11.

So we have a collection of the English notes of all the chapters of grade 11. This is the ultimate site to get the class 11 English guide.

Here is a complete list of all the chapters of Compulsory English of Class 11 and a link to their exercises, notes, and solutions in a helpful English guide Class 11.

You can either view the notes on the website or you can also download their PDF format for your convenience.

Class 11 English Notes (New Syllabus, All Chapters) | Ultimate Class 11 English Guide

Section I: Language Development

S.N.Lesson NameLink
1Education and HumanityExercise
3Media and SocietyExercise
4History and CultureExercise
5Life and LoveExercise
6Health and ExerciseExercise
7Ecology and DevelopmentExercise
8Humor and SatireExercise
9Democracy and Human rightsExercise
10Home life and family relationshipExercise
11Arts and CreationExercise
13Career and EntrepreneurshipExercise
14Power and PoliticsExercise
15War and PeaceExercise
16Critical ThinkingExercise
17Globalization and DiasporaExercise
18Immigration and IdentityExercise
19Travel and TourismExercise
20Science and TechnologyExercise

Section II: Literature

S.N.Lesson NameLink
Short Stories
1.1The Selfish GiantExercise
1.2The Oval PortraitExercise
1.3God Sees the Truth but WaitsExercise
1.4The Wish Exercise
1.5Civil PeaceExercise
1.6Two Little Soldiers Exercise
1.7An Astrologer’s DayExercise
2.1Corona Says Exercise
2.2A Red, Red Rose Exercise
2.3All the World’s a Stage Exercise
2.4Who are you, little i? Exercise
2.5The Gift in Wartime Exercise
3.1Sharing Tradition Exercise
3.2How to Live Before You Die Exercise
3.3What I Require from Life Exercise
3.4What is Poverty? Exercise
3.5Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s SurvivalExercise
One Act Plays
4.2A Sunny Morning Exercise

Why Should You Use These Class 11 English Notes or Class 11 English Guide?

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While we cannot change the Nepalese education system for good, we can definitely protect ourselves by saving time in doing the required homework. We can do so by doing the notes from this webpage.

You, of course, have to prepare for your exams. But you can do so even by just understanding the lessons and practicing what is more important for your exams, instead of doing everything that is assigned.

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About Class 11 English Guide 2079/80

A complete guide for Class 11’s Compulsory English book has been listed above. You can use the links (Exercise) to go to the web page associated with the respective solution guide directly.

If you’re reading this, you were definitely looking for good solution notes for class 11’s English subject. Other notes on the internet are often blurry or incomplete. On HighApproach, you will find complete notes of all the chapters of grade 11’s English subject.

On this web page, you can get free, good-quality notes from real guidebooks. We aim to help students by providing them the notes that will help them not only save time but also be more intentional and effective with the time that they have as time management in a student’s life is a huge challenge. This website will help you save time while doing assignments so that you can give more time to understanding the concept and the gist of the lessons rather than just doing assignments.

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