Metaverse: The Tech to Change The Human Race

By Haitomns G

Metaverse is not just a virtual world created around you, it is the new universe that you will someday live in when Earth won’t be like it is now. It will be the new Earth that you will live in and do all the activities that you are doing it right now. You will teach your child what Earth look like when you were of his age. Your work, your asset, your family, and your house all will be in the metaverse. You might feel like reading a Si-Fi Movie outline but it’s all going to happen one day.

How Will Your Day Begin in the Metaverse?

You live on a planet completely like Earth but not Earth, the Earth that humans are made by programmers which they feel is better than Earth. You will wake up from a bed that is filled with all the comfort of the world. You are a better yourself, physically all the improvements that you miss in the real Earth are present in you in Metaverse.

You open your wardrobe and dress up with the outfit that you like or just search for something that you like and buy it, immediately placed in your wardrobe. You wear it and you enter a teleporting machine and instantly you are at your office desk ready to start your work.

After you have done your work, you want to have a party with your colleagues, you just tap twice on your watch and you turn into your virtual avatar ready for the party.

You fall asleep and the next day continues with something different.

All of this will happen in a computerized world, a virtual world called Metaverse.

What is Required to Get into the Metaverse?

This metaverse is a very new concept that came into the fire after Facebook renamed itself to META and Mark Zuckerberg gave a glimpse to the Metaverse. It is still being built there is no specific way to access it. Early technologies like Oculus Headsets, and smart glasses just reflect some parts of Metaverse.

Do We Need Metaverse?

The current way of communication through the internet was a revolution in the field of communication but now it getting old and with the growing invention in the field of tech, the tech used in communication has to be upgraded and the answer to it is Metaverse.

Mobile Phones were built with the primary purpose of easy fast and reliable communication. Right now, Smartphones are not being used much for communication but for various other stuff.

Likewise, the invention of the Metaverse will go, first for communication and then it will be the place for people to live.

How Metaverse Will Impact the Internet?

Metaverse is going to change the face of the Internet. There will be one day when no one will visit a website. It will be the place where people will be online and spend most of their time. There is no future in web development because they will vanish one day and a glimpse of those days is seen from now onwards.

The demand for Graphics Designers will skyrocket because everything in Metaverse is a 3D object. The way of marketing will be changed because in the metaverse people will be able to virtually try things that they want to buy. Wanna Kicks and Lenskart are some of examples.

When Will We Get Metaverse?

Saying that the metaverse is a future technology will be a bit wrong because companies have already started working in it and have achieved great success. All the barebones needed for making it are already made we just need to combine them and make content for it so that people can use it. Within the next 10 years, the metaverse will be in the hands of humans.

Haitomns G. is a desktop, android, and web developer based in Nepal. He has worked on building several websites, apps, and softwares for clients and independent projects. He is experienced in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

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