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GitHub Campus Expert: Lead your Campus Community

GitHub Campus Expert is a program that helps the student to build community with training, mentorship, and support from GitHub. Basically, GitHub will help you build your technological community, help you conduct programs to teach your community new emerging technology, and GitHub will help you with sponsorship, swags, speakers, and many more. GitHub Campus Experts …

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Chapter: 7 Working with database

7.1    Introduce the database, its features and necessity in programming environment A database is an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically in a computer system. A database is usually controlled by a database management system (DBMS). Together, the data and the DBMS, along with the applications that are associated with them, …

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Chapter: 1 Introduction to C#.NET

Introduce C# its Features and Applications Introduce C# C#’ (pronounced as ‘C sharp’) is a new computer-programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA. C# is a fully object-oriented language like Java and is the first Component-oriented language. It has been designed to support the key features of .NET Framework, the new development platform of Microsoft …

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Unit:13 String handling

The String Constructors The String class supports several constructors. To create an empty String, call the default constructor. For example, String s = new String(); will create an instance of String with no characters in it. Frequently, you will want to create strings that have initial values. The String class provides a variety of constructors …

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Unit:12 Enumerations, autoboxing, and annotations

In their simplest form, Java enumerations appear similar to enumerations in other languages. However, this similarity may be only skin deep because, in Java, an enumeration defines a class type. By making enumerations into classes, the capabilities of the enumeration are greatly expanded. For example, in Java, an enumeration can have constructors, methods, and instance …

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Unit: 8 Inheritance

Inheritance can be defined as the process where one class acquires the properties (methods and fields) of another. With the use of inheritance the information is made manageable in a hierarchical order. The class which inherits the properties of other is known as subclass (derived class, child class) and the class whose properties are inherited …

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 Unit: 4 Operators

Operators in Java Java provides rich set of operators to manipulate variable. We can divide all the Java operators into the following groups. Arithmetic Operator Relational Operator Bitwise Operators Logical Operator Assignment Operations Arithmetic Operator Arithmetic operators are used in mathematical expression in same way that they are used in algebra. The following tables list …

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Unit 6 Web Application Life Cycle Models

6.1 SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Phases Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a framework that defines the steps involved in thedevelopment of software at each phase. It covers the detailed plan for building, deploying, andmaintaining the software. SDLC defines the complete cycle of development i.e. all the tasks involved in planning, creating,testing, and deploying …

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