Can You Really Install Paid Apps For Free On An iPhone?

By Suraj Chaudhary

When I was about to get my own iPhone, my first ever Apple device, I couldn’t stop watching videos of iPhones almost every day. I’d look for how to use an iPhone, tips and tricks, best apps for iPhone.

The one question that was in my head and was bothering me was “Can I Install Paid Apps For Free On iPhone?” The short answer is “No”, but the long answer is kind of “Yes”, let me explain.

Apple has made it almost impossible to crack an app and use it for free. For example, if you’re a photographer or a filmmaker, you might want to use apps like Lightroom and Filmic Pro on your iPhone. Once you look at the subscription charge, it seems really expensive.

If you were an Android user in the past, you probably already know that it’s fairly easy to use cracked or tweaked paid apps for free on an Android. When you google “Lightroom premium APK for free“, you’ll see multiple pages of links to download these paid apps.

And after you find a working link and download it, you can simply install and begin using it. I did the same for a very long time. On an iPhone though, the story is different.

Should you even consider using a paid app for free?

When you’re a student, you live in a place where online payment is not entirely viable, or if you simply don’t want to pay for an app, you start looking for workarounds. And in most cases, you always find a way to use paid apps for free.

Either you do it by entering custom codes, deleting or manipulating the app’s core files, or patching it, a question you should think about is: “Should I be using this app for free?”

Building an app is hard. Whether it be an Android app, an iPhone app, a PC, or a Mac app, building an app is really difficult. Until recently, I’d always looked for ways to use apps for free. But once I started learning how to build an app, I understood how hard building an app can really be. It can take months and often years to build a single app.

Along with time goes a lot of effort into doing so. They invest so much time, energy, and work into this to get something out of it, to make a living. And on using a workaround, we neglect everything that goes into it. So you shouldn’t be using paid apps for free unless received legally.

You can do so for testing or trial, but using it cracked indefinitely might not be a very good idea.

Can you use paid apps for free on an iPhone?

No, you can’t use the paid apps for free on an iPhone, but there are workarounds. Those workarounds are alternative apps. For example, if you wanted to edit photos using Lightroom and couldn’t use the brush tool because it’s only for paid users, you can use Snapseed and Adobe Express.

If you wanted to edit videos, you could use iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush, or several other options that are out there. When you consider the small library of apps that the Apple App Store has, you might think that you won’t find as many useful apps as you’d find on an Android.

But one thing that you can be sure of is that the App Store has very powerful apps.

Besides many apps on the App Store being paid, there are several free options that can do just as good a job as a paid one.

Suraj Chaudhary is a writer, developer, founder, and a constant learner. He shares lessons and resource to living a fuller life every week. On this blog, he shares helpful guides and helpful articles that help his 70,000+ monthly readers find answers, solve problems, and meet their curious needs.

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