Nepali Online Media: Journalism or Vandalism?

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Online Journalism

The most disturbing part of internet in Nepal is the so called “Online Media”. It’s ridiculous how these self claimed “Journalists” manage to poke their fingers in every issue, breaking all the legal and ethical barriers in the name of Journalism. If you look at the interviews these so called journalists conduct, you will be disgusted with the way they ask people questions. The people they are interviewing clearly seem uncomfortable yet helpless. These social media journalists think they are some kind of authority. They take advantage of the innocent public for views and likes. A content creator’s duty is to educate their audience, but these people are putting out violent, inappropriate content which provokes crimes and backward thinking. In the name of solving arguments and disputes, these people film innocent people’s family matters and put it out for likes and views. They put misleading titles and thumbnails in their posts to gain attention of the public. But when the people actually click on these posts with the misleading thumbnails and actually read or watch the content, it actually turns out to be nothing as shown there, rather an exaggerated version of a very minor issue. They like to play with the audience’s emotions. They have managed to intoxicate their audience’s mind with socially backward thoughts and superstitions. They manage to give anyone with some potential to gain views for them, the title “Viral” until they are actually viral. But due to lack of actual talent and skills, these so called viral personalities gain an insane amount of attention and clout but for just a few days. After that, these personalities are not relevant, and can not bring these social media journalists views and likes. So, what these social media journalists do is just go everywhere looking for people with such potentials as they are just desperate for views and likes. Most of the times, they can’t find such personalities, so they just take someone, make them do unusual things, say unusual things and with their channel’s reach they make those people viral. This is not only ruining the image of the media, it is giving attention to people who don’t deserve it whilst the real talents are just being wasted due to these desperate money minded journalists who don’t even think about giving them a little exposure they deserve. They just produce misleading content, intoxicating the general audience rather than decent content and promoting real art and deserving people willing to bring change, of course they don’t do that. Authentic content like that doesn’t bring in views and revenue. These journalists just like to post fake news.

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