Facing Life

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-Sushant Ghimire

I could take a beautiful trip,
Down the memory lane
To the days of the glory,
The days without pain

I was six years old
Away from the hassles,
Was my own little world
A world of fantasies, that I could mold

I was young and naive,
Far away from the selfish games of life
It was not like today’s era,
The era of the ego-drive

From the carefree era,
I was growing up
To the people around me,
I was showing love

The older I got,
I swam in the ocean of reality
I realised, life didn’t come that easy
And it bothered me a lot,
But it was exciting enough to give a shot

I was curious,
I was a little furious,
I started questioning
What are these boarders?
What are these orders?

Life, might be uncertain
Life, might feel like a burden
I might feel like closing the curtain,
But I’m still growing up,
Facing all these obstacles,
That are hard to tackle
I’m not giving up, even in this hassle

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